Ellen Hoverkamp

West Haven, CT myneighborsgarden.com

I have used the flatbed scanner as a camera since 1997, preferring the dramatic, detailed, three dimensionality of objects, scanned at high resolution. I usually bring samples of nature to my studio for imaging but I occasionally set up my equipment on location, to work “straight from the garden.” Sculpture, painting, mosaics, floral design, botanical illustration and systems of symbolism associated with natural objects and flowers, inform and inspire my work. Some of my photographs are allegorical narratives, others are meant as group portraits or vignettes from nature and the day. I strive to bring attention and honor to the exquisite beauty of nature.

Ellen’s beautiful series for Heirloom Flats features arranged and scanned sustainably grown local flowers, fruits and vegetables, harvested in the month of July 2017

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