Lindsey Fyfe

Hartford, CT

Intuition is the most important element of Lindsey’s artist practice. She is “stirred by travel and new landscapes, and the key structural elements in my paintings reference the natural world: weather patterns, tectonic shifts, fields in bloom.”
For Heirloom Flats, Lindsey describes her large oil painting Boys & Girls as follows: This is an original oil painting on canvas, for which I used a layered and additive painting process to create a composition that appears to be “in bloom”. In this work, I investigate earth sciences in an abstract way- inspired by a planet that is constantly in motion below our feet. The work will be a contemplation piece for the conference room; and with its natural inspirations, the painting will be at home in a region with agricultural roots.
The second work by Lindsey is a series of paintings for the hallway outside of the offices, as well as a trio in the library. According to Lindsey, “these paintings will be created specifically for Heirloom Flats to incorporate the overall feeling of the region and design.” The paintings represent small moments or memories of natural settings; all contain a horizon line, foreground and sky. They incorporate the natural elements of the surrounding meadows, farmland, and open space. The tiny paintings are hung at eye level so that viewers can walk with them, enjoy their changes in light and weather, as if following along with the atmospheric changes of a day spent outdoors. The trio in the library responds to the sunny color of the room, providing a moment for contemplation.

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