This great bar couldn’t be closer to our apartment complex

Oct 2, 2017

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Every apartment dweller needs a neighborhood bar. The problem is, unless you live in a big city, that local watering hole within walking distance of home may be elusive. Unless, of course, you live in Bloomfield and especially if you live at Heirloom Flats. Then it’s practically a given that your go-to bar will be Republic. We’d love this gastropub even if it wasn’t right next door to us. But the fact that it is certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Bloomfield bar in your backyard

First of all, let’s talk about location. Did we mention that Republic is next to Heirloom Flats? We’re in a town center with at least 10 dining and drinking spots you can walk to, but Republic still wins hands down for convenience. It’s 500 feet from our front door. Think of this way: depending on where your apartment is in our building, it may faster to walk next door than to your car in the parking lot.

As you walk over, notice the patio outside—a fine place for an after-work drink or dinner. Inside, Republic is vast, with seating and people-watching on multiple levels. Industrial-style touches like exposed wood beams and painted steel complete the loft-like space. It gets a little noisy, but it’s never dull. On any night of the week, there’s a lively crowd. (And not just evenings—they have brunch, too.)

Where we drink local (and not just because it’s so nearby!)

Republic has a cocktail menu and small wine list, but this is foremost a place for beer. There are a dozen or so on tap and twice that many by the bottle. Connecticut craft beers are well represented, including selections from Bloomfield’s two breweries. These local favorites are always included in the happy hour specials. Best of all, select beers are only $3 during that time. Aside from beer, however, the bar’s strength is bourbon. It’d take quite a while to work your way through their extensive list. All the more reason you’ll be glad to have them near your apartment.

Something to eat?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gastropub if there weren’t an equal emphasis on food. To say that Republic’s menu is eclectic is an understatement. It’s rare to see chicken wings and paté on the same appetizer menu, but Republic has both. Need more variety? There are also mussels, nachos, sashimi and calamari. The global influences are just as wide ranging for dinner: dishes with Mexican, Peruvian, Jamaican and Korean influences all make appearances. Even hummus gets a fusion twist—it’s served with naan.

Just reading about all the delicious options at Republic is enough to make you feel stuffed. As the New York Times put it, “most citizens will leave this Republic happy — and very full.” But don’t count on working it off on the way back to your apartment. It’s a very short walk to Heirloom Flats.