Is finding time for exercise a workout? Try these fitness tips from our apartments

Jan 31, 2018

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One month into the new year, are your new fitness goals already faltering? We hear you. Getting to the gym is not always easy, which is why we’re glad to have an onsite fitness center. After all, there’s no excuse for skipping the gym when it’s down the hall from the apartments. Other than having a gym in your apartment building, we’ve found some tips on getting your fitness routine to stick. Read on to see how we use them at Heirloom Flats.

Mix it up

Sure, it’s comfortable to use the same equipment for every workout. But it can also get boring. The solution? Add a new machine or two to the mix. With more than two dozen pieces of equipment at our in-house gym, it’s easy to test a few—especially when they’re so close to the apartments. Try this 10-minute starter cardio workout from from Life Fitness, maker of our gym equipment:

  • Start with three minutes of walking on a treadmill to warm up
  • Seven minutes of walking at a fast pace on the treadmill
  • Switch to an elliptical cross-trainer for the next 10 minutes
  • Finally, hop onto an upright bike and pedal briskly for seven minutes, and decrease your speed for three minutes to cool down

For more variety, consider adding a stair climber like the Powermill Climber. An elliptical machine like the Integrity Series Cross-Trainer is another option. (We have both.) For even more ideas, see these additional suggestions from Life Fitness.

The multi-machine approach works for strength training as well. (And if you’re not strength training yet, here’s why you should.) Get to know your weights with this guide before getting started. At Heirloom Flats, there’s a biceps curl, triceps press, leg extension, and leg press—to name just a few examples at our Bloomfield apartments. Prefer free weights? We have barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. Best of all, you don’t need to clutter your apartment with weights when you can use ours.

Take a class

Getting fit is easier when you have some instruction. You can see proper form, boost your motivation, and learn new routines. But classes at the gym—even with many gyms in Bloomfield and nearby West Hartford—don’t always fit your schedule. Enter Fitness on Demand. This service, included for everyone in our apartments, lets you choose from dozens of workouts ready to stream anytime. Looking for a spin class? Head to the spin studio and try a Peloton bike. In a hurry? There’s a selection of 30-minute classes. Think of it as the most convenient gym in Hartford County!

Stretch and strengthen

No fitness regimen is complete without a workout for toning and flexibility. That’s one of the many reasons people do yoga. And why we have a specific room for it. (It’s also great for other floor workouts. No need to stretch out in your apartment when there’s a dedicated room nearby.) Do your own thing or try a Fitness on Demand yoga class.

Look ahead

You might not feel it in January, but eventually you’ll want to leave the apartments for some outdoor exercise. Maybe you can’t golf right now, but you can practice your swing. One way is with a golf simulator. At Heirloom Flats, there’s one in our gym. Come spring, you’ll be ready for one of several Bloomfield-area golf courses. And very fit to boot.