Bagels are everywhere near our apartment complex.

Mar 30, 2018

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Bagels and coffee: perfect for a leisurely weekend brunch or a quick weekday breakfast. That is, if you’re lucky enough to have a bagel shop nearby. At Heirloom Flats, we love having several bagel places near our apartment complex in Bloomfield. Here are a few breakfast and lunch spots to try in and around our town.

First, the favorites closest to our apartment complex

Lox Stock and Bagel is a Hartford-area mini chain that’s been open for over 25 years. This family-run business has locations in Bloomfield, West Hartford, and Granby. Conveniently, the Bloomfield outpost is only four miles from Heirloom Flats. It’s just an 8-minute drive from our apartment complex. Importantly, they open at 6 a.m., making it possible to stock up before work—handy whether you’re making the mile trip to Cigna or heading into Hartford. At Lox Stock and Bagel, you can also pick up lunch—they have sandwiches, too. If you’re really hungry or want to impress your co-workers, try the party bagel. This 18-inch behemoth comes as a sandwich or with cream cheese. Better bring a box of coffee with it. They have those, too.

Issac’s Bagel Café is another local hotspot for breakfast and lunch in Bloomfield. Word has it that it’s the place to go to meet your neighbors and learn what’s going on in town. Of note: in addition to bagels, Issac’s has a diner-style breakfast menu complete with omelettes and pancakes. Also worth noting: Issac’s is so close to Heirloom Flats, you could walk there. Should you find yourself a bit farther out, however, Issac’s has a second location in Bloomfield, Isaac’s Bagel Cafe II. It’s still just three miles from our apartment complex at Heirloom Flats.

Beyond Bloomfield (and beyond basic bagels)

Of all the bagel places near our apartment complex, Goldberg’s wins the prize for the most creative menu. This West Hartford mainstay has breakfast sandwiches beyond the classic egg and cheese. How about a breakfast Cuban? Or Korean-style steak? But Goldberg’s does the basics as well, starting with the bagels themselves. Goldberg’s notes that their bagels are boiled before baking, which many say is the only way to get a proper chewy crust. You can find Goldberg’s in West Hartford at Blue Back Square (about six miles from Heirloom Flats) and on New Britain Avenue in Elmwood. They also have a Hartford location on the campus of Trinity College.

We’re partial to homegrown eateries, but if you’re looking for a bigger chain, you’ll find a couple nearby. West Hartford has an Einstein Bros. on the campus of the University of Hartford. There’s also a Bruegger’s in West Hartford Center. The center is about a 15-minute drive from our apartment complex.

Wherever you go, make sure you get there early. With bagels, freshness is everything.


[Bagel photo: Carter]