4 Farm to Table Restaurants in Hartford to Try

Jun 8, 2018

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Living at Heirloom Flats gives you convenient access to the Hartford area. That includes its restaurant scene. If you’re looking for a market fresh meal, check out these farm to table restaurants in Hartford. You’ll even be able to give back to the community through dining at some of these restaurants.


Serving locally sourced meals, Firebox serves seasonally inspired dishes and a large variety of unique menu items, including lamb, duck, mussels, and bison. Dine here for brunch, lunch, dinner or simply enjoy their numerous libations available. Best of all, Firebox supports Billings Forge Community Works, an organization building community and opportunities through food. You can get here from Heirloom Flats within 15 minutes.

Kitchen at Billings Forge

This cafe is a part of the Billings Forge Community Works organization. Enjoy farm to table fresh salads and sandwiches or grab some breakfast and fresh baked pastries made daily. When you dine at Kitchen at Billings Forge, you’re supporting on-the-job culinary training and community programs through Billings Forge Community Works. This sustainable cafe is just 15 minutes from Heirloom Flats.

Trumbull Kitchen

Offering a cross-cultural menu, Trumbull Kitchen is great for lunch, dinner, midday meals and happy hour. Owned by the Max Restaurant group, look for Max Chef to Farm events for more local farm fresh dining experiences. You can get to Trumbull Kitchen with just a 15 minute drive.


Supporters of local farmers, ON20 has one of the best views in the city. This fine dining establishment is located on the 20th floor of the One State Street building. Start your meal off with caviar, foie gras or smoked octopus. Then enjoy one of the elegant main courses consisting of lobster, rabbit, lamb, seafood and more. Treat yourself to a night out at ON20 less than 20 minutes from Heirloom Flats.

Food has a way of bringing communities and people together. We hope you feel inspired to support these farm to table restaurants in Hartford.

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