Vegetables to Plant This Summer at Heirloom Flats

Jul 6, 2018

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Get the most out of your Heirloom Flats garden this year. It’s a great time to get your seeds started for a fall harvest since the first frost is estimated to be September 23rd in Hartford. Here are some suggestions for vegetables to plant this summer.


Late July is the perfect time to start planting carrots to ensure a nice harvest in the fall. For the best results, you’ll want to plant the seeds 3-4 inches apart and water regularly. To achieve ideal size carrots, nourish the seeds occasionally with fertilizer. Every five weeks is recommended. You can continue sowing a new crop every 2-3 weeks prior to the first frost.


Get your broccoli seeds started in early July so they’re ready for planting in late July or early August. Broccoli actually thrives in cooler temperatures so it’s a great vegetable to plant for a fall harvest. Pick a nice sunny spot for these seeds as they thrive in the sun. Be sure to plant the seeds half an inch deep and 12-24 inches apart. This gives the crowns plenty of space to grow.


Similar to broccoli, this leafy crop can be planted late summer for a fall harvest. Start getting seeds ready late July and schedule to plant them mid-August. Keep the seeds 3-4 inches apart and harvest the leaves when they reach your ideal size. We recommend picking off the outer layers first.


Sow your pea seeds during mid-July to late July. Try to find more shaded spots to plant your seeds so they survive the summer sun. Peas grow best when watered weekly but can be watered more frequently during warmer temperatures. When the pods turn a bright green they are ready to harvest. You might find your fall harvest to be slim compared to a spring crop but you’ll love the sweeter taste.

Prepare for fresh vegetables in the fall by planting your seeds this July. These vegetables are easy to care for and great to eat. Share with us your suggestions of vegetables to plant this summer.

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