Bring Your Heirloom Flats Decor to Life With Indoor Plants

Oct 17, 2018

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Household plants make a perfect addition to your Heirloom Flats decor. Need a low-maintenance plant that survives in low light? These plants might just be the right fit for you. Not only do houseplants add some color to your decor but they are great for air purification.

Chinese Evergreen

New to houseplants? The Chinese Evergreen plant is easy to care for and a good beginner plant. These plants survive off low light, natural or fluorescent. No need to stress if you forget to water it. This plant can tolerate regular watering or every couple weeks.

Cast Iron Plant

Just like the name states, the Cast Iron Plant is hard to kill. Full of lush dark green leaves, this plant can tolerate extreme conditions including a cold winter. Keep the Cast Iron Plant in low light and water occasionally.

Peace Lilly

Peace Lillies are considered a popular houseplant for their beautiful white flowers, purifying qualities and ability to grow in low light. You’ll even know when to water it because the leaves will begin to droop. Just be mindful that this plant can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested.

Aloe Vera

This plant is handy to have around. Not only does it purify your air, but you have an instant ointment for burns and scrapes on hand. Just break a piece of the plant off to reveal the aloe inside. Keep near natural light and water regularly.

Bring to life your Heirloom Flats decor with some natural houseplants. These plants are easy to care for and will withstand some of the harsh winter conditions. You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep these plants alive.

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