Decorate for Winter at Heirloom Flats With These Tips

Dec 21, 2018

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Winter is officially here. Embrace the season with these simple decorating tips that will make it feel like winter at Heirloom Flats. Get ready to make your home a rustic winter wonderland this season.

Use Snow Decor

What do you think of when you think of winter? Most likely snow comes to mind. A winter wonderland isn’t complete without a little snow. Incorporate snowflakes, white trees, white frosted pinecones, cute wintery art, and fake snow into your decor.

Decorate With Nature

Create a rustic, nature look with birch branches, acorns, pine cones and spruce sprigs. These natural elements are perfect for adding a little texture to your decor. Let them stand alone or use these items to create table centerpieces with candles. Maybe you simply place them in vases around the room.

Create Cozy Vibe

Winter is also about being cozy and warm. Add faux fur or fuzzy blankets in neutral colors to your living room and bedroom. Top these rooms off with sweater pillows. Basically anything fuzzy and soft will be a great wintery addition to your furniture.

Add Winter Lights

Add a little sparkle and glow to your winter decor by hanging some soft white string lights. Maybe you just add some candles to your decor. The goal is to create a dim, cozy space with your lighting.

Luckily, when you decorate your home for the season it will only be cold on the outside and just look like winter on the inside. You can even keep these decorations out all season long. We hope these tips get your ready for winter at Heirloom Flats.

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